Sunday, May 31, 2015

Does the software you use have multiple personalities?

If you paid for it, or got it after signing up for a "free" service, it's a 100% yes. Some just hide it better than others.

The thing splitting a one good personality into several ones, is called business requirements. These requirements serve the existence of the company maintaining the software, and are kept hidden from the end user.

Imagine these requirements as another user next to you (the real end user). This one is just invisible. Naturally, these two users never share the same goals or values, because they're inherently different. Another one is a real person, while another just a set of objectives. This means, that the product has at least two reasons to exist; two separate masters to serve. In the light of my ponderings about good and bad software, this is how business requirements tend to change development focus.

Somehow, we all can sense this. At times, software can feel very fluid, smooth and purposeful for us. For those cases, the invisible business aspect is not interested what you or the software does. But sometimes you feel like being thrown through unnecessary hoops for no good reason. That's due to business requirements being met. Things like mandatory registration, DRM, enforced internet connection etc.

If a lot of code is needed to meet defined business requirements, it will be hard for the company to open source such a software, because it exposes all these questionable things. Not to mention making it dead obvious that a similar value is achievable with much less code elsewhere.

Therefore many companies refrain from open development; convincing themselves into believing these undocumented capabilities are for the good of everyone.

We all want better experiences, but they honestly have to deliver on that promise. There might be temptations to harness software to serve alternative masters, but it only leaves everyone wondering why it's so damn hard to openly develop software.

And why their software still has multiple personalities.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next post. In the meantime, agree or disagree, debate or shout. Bring it on and spread the word.

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